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Yuban Coffee Review: Flavorful, Intricate Medium Roast Arabica Coffee

Quite interestingly, the way the modern lifestyle develops also goes along and includes the routine of drinking coffee. Well, this is just natural, considering that many jobs nowadays require high levels of focus and concentration. But enhanced mental awareness is not the only benefit of coffee. Coffee has been scientifically proven to deliver other health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health and resistance against several diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Don’t forget to add the soothing effect of its aroma; the smell of coffee can help you ease your nerve after a long day.

Yuban Coffee Review Flavorful, Intricate Medium Roast Arabica Coffee

There are a lot of types of coffee. But, if you can hardly spare some time processing fresh coffee beans yourself, would be a good idea to purchase some ground coffee instead. Ground coffee is much easier to process for average people; even if you don’t have a coffee brewer machine, you can just put a tablespoon of it into a cup, add some hot water, and stir thoroughly. You can then simply filter the ground coffee. Your delicious cup of coffee is ready to serve! If you fancy Arabica coffee, then Yuban Coffee can be the perfect ground coffee for you.

Yuban Coffee is a product of ground coffee. It uses 100% Arabica coffee, and is available in Medium Roast and Dark Roast. The Medium Roast is usually browner in color, having more caffeine and more pronounced flavor. Meanwhile, Dark Roast is blacker in color with less caffeine; the flavor is noticeably bitterer with a smoky or burnt taste. Medium Roast can be your choice in the morning, when you need some extra kick of caffeine to be fully awake, whereas the Dark Roast can be the choice for afternoon and evening. But you can just stick with the Medium Roast for the whole day because the strength is not very heavy anyway.


- Ground Coffee - 100% Arabica Premium Coffee - 44 oz each can - Makes up to 325 of 6 fl.oz cups

Despite its affordable and budget-friendly nature, Yuban Coffee has an excellent flavor. We are going to focus on the taste of the Medium Roast here. Even you can already tell that you are about to drink some good coffee when you open the can. The aroma of the ground coffee is very rich and intricate, pretty much like what you would expect from an Arabica coffee. Make sure that you keep the ground coffee in a place protected from moisture, heat, and light, else the flavor can be compromised.

There is an instruction on the packaging that recommends you to mix 1 tablespoon of Yuban Coffee with 6 fl oz hot water for one serving. This mix is generally ideal, though of course you can add more or less coffee according to your personal preference. The flavor is rich and nice. You will enjoy the nuanced intricacy of Arabica coffee; there are some hints of acidity and sweetness behind the pleasant bitterness. If needed, you can add some sugar to tone down the bitterness. Yuban Coffee is certainly one of the best affordable ground coffee in the market.

Specifications of Yuban Coffee
100% Arabica Coffee
Available in Medium Roast and Dark Roast
Brewing Instructions:
1 tablespoon Yuban Coffee for 1 serving.
1 serving of water is 6 fl oz.

Pros of Yuban Coffee
– High-quality Arabica coffee
– Quite strong coffee flavor
– The Medium Roast is suitable for morning coffee as well as for later in the day
– Affordable and budget-friendly price

Price of Yuban Coffee
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