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VertuoLine Vs VertuoPlus

Are you wondering about the differences between VertuoLine vs VertuoPlus?In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between Nespresso Vertuo, the first generation model of the VertuoLine, against Nespresso VertuoPlus, which is the latest model in the series. At first, all VertuoLine models may seem to be quite similar. However, there are several differences regarding their features and specifications. This is especially true for the VertuoPlus, which comes with a number of nice improvements from the predecessors.

Design and Dimensions
Nespresso Vertuo may look very attractive. It has a compact, space-friendly design. It does not require too much surface area, as it only measures 21.1 cm wide and 30 cm deep. The height is about 30 cm. It is available in several color variants, such as black, matte black, chrome, titan, and red. It features a removable 40-oz water reservoir, an integrated drip tray with a moveable cup support, and a container to collect used capsules.

Nespresso VertuoPlus may require more space, but it is actually slimmer. It measures 14.22 cm wide and 42.34 cm deep. Nevertheless, it is a little bit taller at 32.51 cm. There is a very cool feature on this new model, which is the moving water reservoir. You can place the water reservoir on the left, right, or back of the unit. So, you can adjust it to fit the specific condition of your counter top. It also has a movable cup support, which is very nice.

Water Capacity
Nespresso Vertuo has a water reservoir capacity of 40 oz. Nespresso VertuoPlus also comes with the same capacity. However, there is another variant, Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe, which features a larger water reservoir with a capacity of 56 oz. You may want to consider getting this deluxe version if you need a coffee maker to serve multiple people regularly.

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Motorized Head
The next difference between the original VertuoLine vs VertuoPlus is the motorized head. Although this may seem like a trivial feature, it is actually quite useful and important. Closing the head of NespressoVertuo multiple times a day will eventually break the head, especially if you tend to slam or flip the head too hard. Nespresso VertuoPlus features an automatic motorized head, which reduces the chance of breaking.

Both Vertuo and VertuoPlus use the Centrifusion technology, which extracts the coffee by mixing it with hot water and spinning it at a very high speed. They both work with the VertuoLine capsules and not with any other capsule. However, the Vertuo model is not recommended because it still uses an old motor which does not bring enough heat to extract the coffee properly. The VertuoPlus is more recommended because this new model comes with a better motor that delivers better temperatures, resulting in better coffee.

VertuoLine Vs VertuoPlus

Features- New revolutionary Centrifusion technology to gently brew both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button - Capsule recognition and code reading technology for blend-specific parametric brewing; Two capsule sizes, large for Coffee and small for Espresso- Designed for use with Nespresso capsules, the VertuoPlus offers freshly brewed Coffee with crema as well as delicious, authentic Espresso. Welcome set of Nespresso capsules included

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We recommend you to choose Nespresso VertuoPlus, which comes with an improved Centrifusion technology to deliver better temperatures and coffee extraction. It also has a nice motorized head and a moving water reservoir, which allows you to adapt the placement to suit your counter top’s condition.

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