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MiniPresso GR Review: The Mobile Coffee Maker!

Have you ever traveled somewhere quite far, and wished along the way that you had brought some ready-to-drink coffee? Or, you love coffee, but you can’t afford those premium coffee brewer machines? Either way, you are going to absolutely love MiniPresso GR! It is a product by Wacaco that symbolize true innovation and creativity. MiniPresso GR is an ultra-portable espresso maker, perfect for supplying your much-needed caffeine shots as you go. And, it doesn’t break the bank!


Seriously, MiniPresso GR is very easy and simple to use. You just need to add ground coffee and press them a little to level the grind. Afterward, you can add some hot water, unlock the piston, and start pumping for a few strokes in order to extract the perfect espresso. Finally, your espresso is ready! MiniPresso GR is very convenient to use because it does not need any electricity power – no battery, no power cord. It is fully manually operated. Combined with the compact and lightweight nature of the product, MiniPresso GR makes a perfect choice for a coffee maker that is truly mobile and budget-friendly.

Don’t worry about its output quality – it is excellent. Armed with an 8-bar pressure pump, MiniPresso GR works very well in extracting the espresso and generating generous crema. The quality is even comparable to the coffee made by a 15-bar coffee brewer. At the very least, it certainly tastes better than instant coffee. MiniPresso GR has a capacity of 0.28 oz for the ground coffee, 2.35 oz for the hot water; sufficient for one shot of coffee. Furthermore, it is also very cost-efficient. With the portable machine, you can have a cup of espresso for just about 10 cents. Compare with the typical espresso price in your campus.

MiniPresso GR has a plastic exterior with some metal parts. It is reasonably rugged and durable. However, because it has several parts, the cleaning process may take a considerable time. But this is just a very minor issue compared to the functionality it offers.

Specifications of MiniPresso GR
Dimension 6.89×2.75×2.36 in 175x70x60 mm
Weight 0.8 lbs 360 g
Water capacity 2.35 oz 70 ml
Ground capacity 0.28 oz 8 g
Average pressure 8 bar 116 psi
Built-in scoop and cup

Pros of MiniPresso GR
– Extremely compact and lightweight, ultra-portable
– Simple and easy to use
– Excellent coffeee quality
– Doesn’t need any electricity power

Price of MiniPresso GR
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