Maxwell House Vs Nescafe

Instant coffees are not the best choice when you are in the mood for the richest and most flavorful espresso, but they make great options to begin the morning when you don’t have much time to prepare, as well as to keep yourself awake as you progress through the day. They are easy and practical. In the article below, we will discuss the comparisons between two famous instant coffees, which are Maxwell House vs Nescafe. Which one does make the better coffee?

Before we progress to the comparisons of the flavors, we should point out that both Maxwell House and Nescafe are available in various roasts and flavors. So, we should compare these two brands by using the same roasts and flavors. We will focus our comparisons on their espresso and cappuccino products.

The packaging of Maxwell House tends to be bigger, giving you an impression as if it comes with more content. However, this is not necessarily true. Most of Maxwell House products still use universal plastic bags, which are not very environment-friendly.

Nescafe is great because some of its products already use paper bags and boxes. This material is definitely more environment-friendly than plastic.

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Aroma and Flavor
Now, about the actual coffees. To compare the qualities of these instant coffees, we use the exact same amount of water and also the same temperature level for both products.

Maxwell House’s espresso tends to produce a sweet and low aroma. Some people think that the aroma is a little bit too sweet. The flavor is even sweeter. This is a good choice for people who like sweet coffee. For others, it may taste like an artificial sweetener.

On the other hand, the Nescafe Taster’s Choice instant coffee has a distinct yet still recognizable coffee smell. The aroma already makes a good plus point. When it first touches your tongue, you will notice woody and heavy notes of cedar and spices. After some time, the woodiness is replaced by a familiar bitterness. This is just the coffee that you’d drink while working in your office room or for waiting as your vehicle’s oil is being changed.

The Other Test
How about the cappuccinos of Maxwell House vs Nescafe? Interestingly, the themes from above are continued here. The Maxwell House cappuccino is much sweeter and heavier. Again, if you like your coffee to be sweet and bold, Maxwell House would be great for you. Otherwise, if you don’t like overly sweet coffee, Maxwell House will not impress you at all.

The Nescafe cappuccino is suitable for consumers who prefer a light taste. It is not too sweet, and you can still notice the subtle hints of coffee in it.

Maxwell House Vs Nescafe

Maxwell HouseNescafe
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In general, Maxwell House is suitable for people who enjoy sweet, heavy coffee. However, you will not enjoy it if you hate beverages that have high sweetness levels. On the other hand, Nescafe has a more noticeable coffee aroma, and is suitable for people who prefer lighter coffee. Nescafe is also great because some of the products use environment-friendly paper bags.

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