Krups GVX212 Review: A Practical and Versatile Coffee Grinder

Are you looking for the best coffee grinder that can give you a truly versatile and practical usage? In order to get the best shots of coffee, you need the best coffee grinder. A bad coffee grinder will deliver inconsistent grinding quality, and the resulted coffee grind will not taste as savory. A good coffee grinder, on the other hand, gives you a better chance for a decent and even grinding quality. However, this does not guarantee that you will get the best shots of coffee; you still need to carefully craft the fineness level as well as dose the coffee grind according to what and how many you are going to make.


Fortunately, though, we have Krups GVX212! It is a high-quality coffee grinder that offers unmatched output quality, performance, and convenience of usage! Krups GVX212 understands that one major reason behind inconsistent grinding quality is due to the overheating issue often happening in many coffee grinder models. To counter the possible problem, Krups GVX212 has been equipped with a flat mill grinder, which avoids overheating, thus preserving the qualities of the coffee evenly. The smart design allows the device to deliver every grind with excellent quality consistently. The aroma and flavor are preserved very well.

No need to worry about making something that is either too soft or too coarse for your espresso or latte macchiato. Krups GVX212 comes with a 17-position fineness selector that you can set for a precise grind level, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse. Also, there is a quantity selector that ensures you will always dose the right amount of coffee grind for 2 – 12 cups. Furthermore, Krups GVX212 features integrated bean hopper and removable coffee container; both are equipped with lids. There is a safety feature that prevents Krups GVX212 from starting before all the lids are closed, so there will never be any jumping coffee bean. Last but not least, the unit is able to shut down automatically every after grinding to save energy.

Specifications of Krups GVX212
Flat mill grinder prevents overheating and preserves aroma
Quantity selector ranging from 2 to 12 cups
Fineness selector has 17 positions to grind coffee beans in different levels, from ultra fine to coarse
Unit shuts off automatically after grinding
200 g/7 oz. bean hopper with lid to keep coffee beans fresh
Anti-static, removable coffee container with lid to hold enough ground coffee for up to 12 cups
Special safety feature: Unit will not operate before lids of hopper and coffee container are closed
Cleaning brush included
110 watts

Pros of Krups GVX212
– Consistently excellent grinding quality
– Flexible and versatile for various kinds of coffee, thank to the fineness and quantity selectors
– Comes with built-in containers for coffee beans and ground coffee
– Has a safety feature

Price of Krups GVX212
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