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Keurig Vue V600 Vs V700

Hello, coffee lovers! This time, we are going to take a look at the differences between Keurig Vue V600 and Keurig Vue V700 a.k.a. Keurig 2700. They both are single serve brewing system coffee makers, with somewhat disparate appearance and somewhat similar pricing. Well, the V700 comes with a little bit higher price, but the gap is not so significant. So, which one should you get; the V600 or the V700? We will try to delve into their characteristics right away to answer the question!

Keurig Vue V600 Vs V700

They both have the exact same type of tray; only the colors are different. Keurig V700 has some silver embellishment around it while the V600’s tray is all glossy black. It may or may not affect your preference. Their water tanks are of the same 74 ounces capacity, and both are removable, but the filling method is a bit different. To fill the V600, you need to take off a lid on the machine while the V700 has a door that you need to flip up to fill the machine through there.

All those are just about design, but the next significant difference is their screen. Keurig Vue V700 has color screen while Keurig Vue V600 has a monochrome display. Also, in V600, there is a back button to navigate through different layers of menu, but the V700 doesn’t have the back button because you just operate and move through tabs to choose different brewing modes. They both can brew coffee and tea and brew over ice.

Keurig Vue V600 Vs V700

Keurig Vue V600Keurig Vue V700
Features- Brew a stronger-bodied cup at the touch of a button - Choose from a wide selection of cup sizes: 4-oz, 6-oz, 8-oz, 10-oz, 12-oz, 16-oz and 18-oz - Select your brew temperature up to 197 degrees - Create delicious cappuccinos and lattes in two easy steps - Each brewer comes with 10 Vue packs- Keurig Vue V700 Single Serve Brewing System Black - Brews in under one minute - Dimensions: 12.52"H x 10.07"W x 11.8"D - Choice of eight different cup sizes - Programmable Touchscreen for Strength & Temperature control - Dimensions: 12.52andNo.34;H x 10.07andNo.34;W x 11.8andNo.34;D - Programmable Touchscreen for Strength and Temperature control

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All in all, the differences are not so many, but you obviously receive more edges with Keurig Vue V700 alias Keurig 2700. So, between Keurig Vue V600 vs V700, the latter product is definitely the way to go.

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