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Keurig Vue V500 Vs V700

Greetings, here we meet again to discuss the differences between two versions of the very much trending Keurig Vue. For your information, Keurig Vue is designed as almost-instant, single-serve brewing system coffee maker, packed with various options. Previously, we have compared the V700 version with the V600. This time, we are going to take a look at the smallest version among the trio, V500, and compare it with the V700. Read also : Keurig Vue V600 Vs V700.

Keurig Vue V500 Vs V700

Appearance-wise, they share somehow identical characteristics. However, the V700 has more silver lines than the V500. The water reservoir size in V700 is 74 ounces. In V500, it is 60 ounces. The deviation is about a size of a cup, so it is quite understandable that the V700 also has one more cup size option than the V500. The V500 has 7 cup sizes to choose from, spanning from 4-oz to 16-oz. Meanwhile, the V700 has additional 18-oz cup size.

For the technology, all the versions of Keurig Vue allow the user to adjust their beverage’s temperature up to 197 Fahrenheit. However, the V700 features a color display and tabs interface for navigating through the menu. V500, like the V600, only has the monochrome blue-ish touchscreen.

Keurig Vue V500 Vs V700

Keurig Vue V500Keurig Vue V700
Features- BPA free black plastic construction - Brews in under one minute - Fully programmable black and white touch screen - Auto on/off - Energy savings mode- Keurig Vue V700 Single Serve Brewing System Black - Brews in under one minute - Dimensions: 12.52"H x 10.07"W x 11.8"D - Choice of eight different cup sizes - Programmable Touchscreen for Strength & Temperature control - Dimensions: 12.52andNo.34;H x 10.07andNo.34;W x 11.8andNo.34;D - Programmable Touchscreen for Strength and Temperature control

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Between Keurig Vue V500 and V700, the latter product apparently provides more benefits. Though V500 is cheaper, the price gap is not really very much. But, if you want to save some bucks and just get the best value out of your money, then try to consider the purpose of the coffee maker. If it is for family usage or a small office, then you inevitably need the Keurig Vue V700 due to its larger tank. For single person, then Keurig Vue V500 is already more than enough.

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