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Keurig Rivo Vs Starbucks Verismo

If you are a coffee lover, you should be familiar with the names of Keurig and Starbucks. The most well-known products of Keurig are the beverage brewing machines and beverage pods, which have helped many people enjoy flavorful caffeine shots. On the other hand, well, who doesn’t know Starbucks? It is one of the biggest coffee company and coffeehouse chain in the world. Below, we will discuss their home coffee machines, Keurig Rivo vs Starbucks Verismo. Both use pods instead of coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, so these machines are very convenient to use.

Let’s begin by comparing the dimensions of Keurig Rivo and Starbucks Verismo. The larger one is Keurig Rivo, which measures 11.4 inches x 10.8 inches x 11.4 inches. This cappuccino and latte system is actually not very bulky, but it has an integrated frother which adds some significant weight. It weighs about 17 lbs.

On the other hand, Starbucks Verismo is slightly more compact. It is also a little bit taller. It measures 11 inches x 7.6 inches x 12.9 inches. The contemporary design is very elegant. The cylindrical impression from the coordinating cylindrical water tank creates a unique style. Since the frother is separate from the main unit, it can be very much lighter at 7.7 lbs.

Compatible Beverage Pods
As mentioned above, both Keurig Rivo vs Starbucks Verismo use beverage pods to produce your coffee. There are various different roasts and flavors. But they indeed use different pods from different brands.

Keurig Rivo works with the Lavazza brand pods, which are coffee beverages. Starbucks Verismo utilizes Starbucks brand pods, which may benefit you because they also have tea pods in addition to coffees. You can say that the Verismo is a more versatile machine because it can make not only espresso and coffee but also tea beverages.

Power and Performance
When choosing a coffee machine, it is important to check the power of the pressure pump. In general, a stronger pressure pump tends to deliver better results due to the more intense extraction process.

Keurig Rivo comes with a 15-bar pressure pump, which is not bad at all. It is powerful enough to deliver rich and flavorful espresso. However, it takes a longer time to deliver your shot. The process takes about a minute.

On the other hand, Starbucks Verismo is armed with a 19-bar pressure pump. It is more powerful and very fast. It is able to deliver your shot within just 15 seconds, with excellent taste and aroma.

Ease of Use
Keurig Rivo has everything built-in. The water tank is right next to the milk frother. It has three frothing modes for making cappuccinos, lattes, and cold froth.

On the other hand, Starbucks Verismo has an integrated water tank, but the milk frother is a separate unit. Don’t worry, it is included in the box. You can personalize your drink by using more pods. For example, you can use three pods altogether to create a triple-shot latte.

Keurig Rivo Vs Starbucks Verismo

Keurig RivoStarbucks Verismo
Features- Automatic On/Off Function; Energy-Saving Mode - 15 bars of pressure; Brews under 1 minute - Convenient design allows you to brew espresso on one side and froth milk on the other side- The Starbucks Verismo Home Brewer brews your favorite high-quality Starbucks coffee and authentic espresso shots - Craft an endless variety of your favorite Starbucks Cafe beverages right at home

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Both are very good machines, but Starbucks Verismo comes out as the winner in the end. This model has a stronger pressure pump, which allows for better coffee extraction and faster operation. It also has a more modern design and more beverage choices.

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