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Keurig Rivo Vs Nespresso Lattissima

Hello, coffee lovers! We meet again on another coffee maker product comparison! Now, it is the duel between Keurig Rivo and Nespresso Lattissima. At a glance, they are like the same machines bundled in different ways. They have different prices, but I must say that you may be fooled by their physical appearance when you guess which one is the more expensive. Anyhows, a good looking style is not the definite tie breaker if you are looking for the best coffee maker, so let us see deeper! Have a look : Nespresso Lattissima Vs Lattissima Plus.

Keurig Rivo Vs Nespresso Lattissima

Honestly, Keurig Rivo is much cheaper than Nespresso DeLonghi Lattissima, but its exterior design is very sleek, elegant, modern, and classy, with espresso brewer on one side and milk frother on the other opposite side. The coffee dropper is at the middle front. Nespresso Lattissima appears like a common standard machine with its mostly rectangular shape. However, such designs affects their dimensions; Keurig Rivo is wider and longer, so it takes more space. Nespresso Lattissima is taller but smaller in width and length. Nespresso Lattissima is also a lot lighter.

Both products come with built-in frother and work with coffee capsules. Both come with a bunch of drink choices. Keurig Rivo can make either cappuccino, latte, cold froth, espresso, or lungo. Nespresso Lattissima’s cheapest variant can make one of the three milk-based and two coffee choices, whilst more expensive variants can produce hot milk and hot water as well. However, important to be remembered, Keurig Rivo only works with Lavazza capsules and Lattissima works with Nespresso capsules. If you love the Lavazza coffees, then it is okay, but if you want to taste a wider variations, then you will enjoy the Nespresso capsules more.

Keurig Rivo Vs Nespresso Lattissima

Keurig RivoNespresso Lattissima
Features- Automatic On/Off Function; Energy-Saving Mode - 15 bars of pressure; Brews under 1 minute - Convenient design allows you to brew espresso on one side and froth milk on the other side - Three frothing modes: Cappuccino, Latte, and Cold Froth - Two espresso size options: Short (1.4 oz.) and Lungo (2.8 oz.)- High-performing 19-bar pressure pump - 6 tactile beverage buttons to choose your favorite drink: ristretto, espresso, long, hot milk, cappuccino, latte macchiato in a simple and intuitive way - De'Longhi patented "automatic cappuccino system" - The milk carafe can be placed in the fridge, after use - Reduced heating up time, ready in approximately 25 seconds

Customer Rating4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.8 out of 5.0 stars
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These two machines have their own advantages. Keurig Rivo is very budget-friendly with very cool design, already offering five kinds of beverages. It is the best alternative if you are limited on the available cash, or simply want the fullest value out of your money. Nespresso Lattissima is more room-friendly and provides many more coffee capsule types, possibly a better option for practicality and versatility.

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