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Keurig K425 Vs K475

You are now wondering if you should go with Keurig K425 or Keurig K475. These two brewing machines are available in a similar price range. They both are attractive choices that can help you fulfill your daily caffeine need within just a few minutes; howsoever, they are actually very versatile that they can also brew other kinds of beverages by using the right Keurig pods. Such practicality and versatility are the reasons why people really love Keurig machines. So, should you go with Keurig K425 or Keurig K475? To answer the question, below, we will take a look at the comparisons between the two models.


As a matter of fact, Keurig K425 and Keurig K475 indeed look very identical. They have similar sizes and weights. The layouts are also similar. Quite interestingly, each of the two models is also available in exactly the same color variants: Black, Sandy Pearl, and Vintage Red.

Each model is equipped with a 2.4” color touch display for control. The touchscreen control is very intuitive and convenient to use. There, you can easily cycle through the built-in functions and features, such as selecting the brew size, brew strength, and temperature. There is also the handy removable drip tray which is very useful to prevent spillage and mess. The capacity of the water tank is 70 oz. It should be sufficient for personal use and a small group of people. The reservoir is removable, allowing for easy and convenient refilling.

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Functions and Features
Keurig K425 and Keurig K475 are compatible with K-Cup, K-Mug, K-Carafe, and Vue pods. There are hundreds of coffee drinks and other beverages that you can choose, so, you will never get bored with the variety! Both models have multiple brew sizes, from 4 oz up to 30 oz. Both also let you customize each and every drink with your preferred brew strength and temperature level. Need a kick to start the day? Get the strongest brew setting. In a hurry? Lower the temperature a little so that you can drink the shot right away without burning your tongue.

Included Accessories
The difference between these two models is about the bundles. Keurig K475 comes with two water filters, the water filter handle, and six K-Cup samples. On the other hand, Keurig K425 includes the reusable K-Cup 2.0 Coffee Filter and 24 K-Cup pods.

Keurig K425 Vs K475

Keurig K425Keurig K475
Features- Temperature Control - Custom Brew Strength - Digital Display - Removable Drip Tray - Removable Water Reservoir- Now with a 12oz. K-Cup pod brew size and temperature control! - Choose between five temperature settings to customize your perfect cup

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Keurig K425 and Keurig K475 are identical machines coming with different bundles. Keurig K425 makes an excellent value for the money due to the included reusable coffee filter and lots of K-Cup pods. However, if you prefer to buy those separately, you can choose Keurig K475 instead.

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