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Keurig K15 Vs K55

Keurig models have always been popular among people who have a busy and active lifestyle, but can’t miss their morning dose of caffeine. By simply pushing a button, you can immediately get a cup of your preferred coffee. Convenient, isn’t? Now, for your personal usage, home, or small office room, you are perhaps considering to get either Keurig K15 or Keurig K55. The two are among the most affordable and budget-friendliest Keurig models on the market. What are the differences between the two? Which is the one that you should choose?

Keurig K15 Vs K55

Water Reservoir
The very first difference between Keurig K15 and Keurig K55 that you better be aware of is that Keurig K15 is a system with no water reservoir, while Keurig K55 has a water reservoir. This is usually the primary reason for the final choice. Keurig K15 doesn’t have any water tank, so you will need to add the water yourself whenever you want to brew a cup of coffee or other beverage. Hence, Keurig K15 may not be very convenient, yet allows you to slightly control how concentrated the drink will be. For multiple users, Keurig K15 also applies some sort of discipline – you have to get the water yourself if you want to drink. On the other hand, Keurig K55 has a 48-oz water tank, sufficient for 5-8 cups. Indeed, it is very convenient, as you can simply push a button to get your coffee if there is some water available in the tank. The water tank is also removable for easy refill.

Both models come with three cup sizes: 6-0z, 8-oz, and 10-oz. They are quite fast, able to brew in under two minutes. Keurig K55 is quite bigger and heavier than Keurig K15 due to the water tank.

Programmable Auto Off
The next difference between Keurig K15 and Keurig K55 is the automatic shut down feature. Keurig K15 will automatically turn off if left idle for 90 seconds, which is very good to save energy. However, Keurig K55 has programmable auto off, allowing you to set how long until the machine will automatically turn off.

Keurig K15 Vs K55

Keurig K15Keurig K10
Features- Includes recipe booklet - K-Cup Pod brew sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz - No reservoir - just add fresh water for each cup - One-touch simplicity with button controls - Brews in under two minutes - Product dimensions : 10.8"H x 6.9"W x 10.7"D- K-Cup Pod brew sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz - 48.oz water reservoir allows you to brew several cups before having to refill - One-touch simplicity with button controls - Auto-Off: Program your brewer to turn off automatically - Removable drip tray

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In general, Keurig K55 makes the best way to go. The water tank is a great enhancement of convenience, as you will not have to get the water yourself all the time, saving some time. However, if you think the water tank is not necessary (say, you put the coffee brewer next to a water source, allowing for easy refill), you can save some bucks with Keurig K15.

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