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Keurig K130 Vs K10

Okay, we have been doing extensive comparisons on Nespresso machines. Now, it is the turn of Keurig for the spotlight! Uh, well, it is kind of unfortunate that Keurig machines are mostly named with numbers instead of an easy-to-be-remembered real word, but who am I to complain. Anyhow, we are going to compare Keurig K130 versus Keurig K10. Both of them are the troops placed in the budget-friendly market with Keurig K130 being a little bit more expensive. We will see which one gives greater value!

Keurig K130 Vs K10

They have different looks, but they are more or less similar. Keurig K130 is more cambered while Keurig K10 has more pronounced corners as well as firmer, straighter sides. They both are equally elegant and classy, I must say. I just prefer the K10’s appearance because I am a prefer stern and bold styles. If you are an easy-going person, you may find that K130’s appearance is more in tune. (Take a look: Keurig K15 Vs K10)

Onto the performance now. Interestingly, Keurig K10 seems to be able to heat and work faster than Keurig K130. K10 brews only in under two minutes, while K130 brews in three minutes. Also, Keurig K10 comes with three size options for each shot: 6 oz, 8oz, and 10 oz. Keurig K130 can only deliver 8 oz shots. Hence, you get more flexibility with Keurig K10. You want a quick one-gulp drink? Order the 6 oz cup. Have some time to relax with a warm drink? Take the 10 oz. Before you start freaking over, let me tell you that Keurig K130’s higher price is due to its easy maintenance design. In the machine, every brewing process takes place in the K-Cup pod, so there will not be any carafe, drip basket, or messy filter that needs cleaning up.

Keurig K130 Vs K10

Keurig K130Keurig K10
Features- Brews One 8-ounce Cup in under Three Minutes, Single-use Water Reservoir - Mug Sensor - No Accidental Spills, No Glass Pots to Clean, Break or Crack - Easy Cleaning and Maintenance - No Coffee Grounds or Wet, Messy Filters - Energy Savings Mode - Automatic On/Off Function -Power: 700 watts- Brews a perfect beverage in under two minutes, Choose from three cup sizes, 6-count K-Cup Variety Pack - Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages - Brews 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. sizes, Brews in under two minutes, Includes a K-Cup variety pack - Cord storage, Available in four colors - Removable Drip Tray

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Whether you are a busy person who don’t have time to do the cleaning often, or simply too lazy to do so, then Keurig K130 can be very handy for you. However, for the fullest value out of your money, Keurig K10 is the way. It is cheaper, yet offers faster performance and more versatility of shots.

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