Jura Z6 Vs Z9

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you feel it such a hassle waking up in the morning and making your own coffee or for other member of families? If your answer is yes then you might have to purchase a coffee machine. In this article we will introduce you to 2 coffee machines, which can help you simplifying your morning coffee routine.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Jura Z9 and Z6?
– Jura Z9and Jura Z6 Features
– Jura Z6 vs Jura Z9

About Jura Z6
According to bhg.com, Jura z6 is an espresso machine full of incredible performance features wrapped up in a compact and stylish chrome finish, which is suitable for any kitchen finish. Jura z6 water tank can be refilled by sliding it forward, this feature will allow you to place machine in more space at home, for example on top of your countertop or kitchen table. This espresso machine comes with a digital display and will easy you choosing your coffees. It is can be programmed according to your own taste, such as brewing temperature, coffee strength and milk temperature setting, it can be change up to 10 levels. Giving you more choices you need to create your perfect coffee.

Jura Z6 Features
Jura Z6 is released to follow and replace the Z9, it comes with some standout features. Here is the Jura Z6 features: fresh beans & milk, Smart Connect App, Programmable coffee strengths in 10 levels, brewing temperature in 3 levels, milk cooler compatible, easy cleaning and maintenance, hot water function in 3 levels, automatic milk rinse, digital display, I.W.S Intelligent water system, an Claris Smart Filter.

Jura Z6 is also featured with PEP Pulse Extraction Technology, it is a feature which allows longer extraction time based by the amount of water results in a perfect espresso, with velvet soft finish. Jura Z6 Extraction Technology can optimize the brewing extraction time, by forcing the hot water through the coffee grounds in a short time, this feature will allow the flavors of the coffee to develop full resulting in a velvet smooth finish with more crema on top. The smart connect and App in Jura Z6 can be set to program whatever setting you need to make your perfect coffee. By plugging Smart Connect to the back of this coffee machine and downloading the App and connect it via Bluetooth to your tablet or smartphones.

About Jura Z9
Jura Z9 is an automatic coffee machine, which has designed for true coffee lovers. This coffee machine comes with integrated recipes that you can access via the TFT display placed on the front of the machine. It also featured with a rotary switch place also in the front of the machine to ease the switch between recipes and settings. Jura Z9 is preprogrammed to allow you speeding up and simplifying your morning routine.

Jura Z9 Features
Jura Z9 has an auto option which allows you set the coffee machine to turn on at a certain time, so when you wake up your coffee will warmed up and you can drink it as soon as you are out of bed. This coffee machine comes with six preprogrammed drink option, which allows you to make your varieties of favorite drinks as simple as pressing a button. You can also customize the default settings, so they can be brewed with the exact volume, temperature, coffee strength, and the amount of milk to suit your taste.

Aside from that Jura Z9 is also very easy to clean. The coffee machine comes with pre programmed descaling and rinsing, which allow you to easily clean your coffee machine any time you want. Jura Z6 also have a very useful feature to remind you when you have to clean your coffee. It can keep track for how many number of shots you have made and notify you when is the time for cleaning. The coffee machine will not work if you are not cleaning it when the due time is present. This might sound annoying, but the intention of this feature is to ensure the coffee machine stay in good working order. Another feature Jura Z9 has is might be for aesthetic purpose only, where you can change the background and color scheme on the machine touch screen.

Both of those coffee machine is designed to ease our work when making coffee, they are high-end bean to cup coffee machine includes with premium features being planted in both machines. But they are have some subtle differences. For example Jura Z6 is already featured with P.E.P which allow the user to optimize the coffee making, by using a different short pulse patterns for different coffee specialties. P.E.P can make shorter coffees like ristretto and espresso, and café crème having a deeper and more intense aroma. This feature is not available in the Jura Z9. If you are into drinking many types of coffee this feature is sure a good bargaining point. At the other side Jura Z9 has 2 thermolock, while Z6 only have one. Thermolock is used to heat the water, Jura Z9 can heat water faster since it has 2 thermolock compare to Z6. Z9 is practically faster when making milky beverages, it is very useful if you drink a lot of milky coffee.

Jura Z6 Vs Z9

Jura Z6Jura Z9
Features- The pulse extraction process (P.E.P.) allows the whole bouquet of aromas to blossom. Result: possibly the best espresso of all time - at the touch of a button - The innovative nozzle technology prepares fine, compact and very tempting milk foam. The machine switches from milk to milk foam fully automatically- The Aroma plus grinder can grind fresh coffee beans twice as fast as conventional grinders while at the same time preserving all their delicious aroma - Two thermoblocks - one for coffee and hot water and another for steam, to ensure optimum preparation conditions.

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The conclusion is if you are into drinking many type of coffee, you should opt for Jura Z6, but if you are into drinking milky coffee, you should choose the Jura Z9.

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