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Jura Impressa C65 Vs C60

The coffee machine is a tool that serves to produce or make processed coffee in the form of a rich coffee drink and taste. Coffee is still shaped seed will be processed by automatic coffee maker with a process that is fast and does not eliminate the sense of the original. Function generally creates drinks from the coffee that’s been shaped powder (coffee) and coffee beans. Models and specifications of various coffee machines. There are named Jura Impressa Impressa Jura C65 and C60 is a luxurious and sophisticated coffee machine even very expensive. What is the advantage of this tool? What does distinguish between the Jura Impressa C65 and C60? Information more clearly can be seen in this article.

Jura Impressa C65 Vs C60

The colors surrounded in Jura C65 are platinum color variant with the combination of black body with a metallic silver hue on the front part while C60 is only black all over the body. But, both products are similar in size, weight, button layout, and machines. In addition, they also has a spout whose height is very adjustable. The size of the height of the coffee spout is between 2.6 to 4.4 inches. Jura wins in the multiple serving size choices. The choices are including 1 coffee, 2 coffees, 1 espresso, and 2 espresso. Bu sing Jura C60, you can enjoy your espresso in 50 seconds approximately. By using Jura C65, you can enjoy your espresso in 30 seconds approximately which is faster than C60 but you need to have a bigger voltage while you are using C65 among 230 alternating current.

Jura C65 and Jura C60 are featured with built-in foam frothers that works perfectly on each coffee/espresso machine. You can get glasses of high-quality milk foam with fine, feather-light consistency in both Jura C65 and C60 too. They are armed with a 15 bar pressure pump, a 63.6-oz water tank, and a built-in grinder that make them become not only sophisticated but also luxury coffee machine. But in certain case, Jura C65 comes with a more advanced grinder than Jura C60, and also Jura 65 become a winner in the grinder. Jura C60 still uses a regular multi-level conical grinder and Jura C65 already used the Aroma+grinder to make perfect cutting angle in the grinding cone. The grinder then can deliver the perfect coffees flavor and aromas too.

Jura Impressa C65 Vs C60

Jura Impressa C65Jura Impressa C60
Features- Simple operation - Thanks to the one-switch operating concept of the smart Rotary Switch - Height-adjustable coffee spout - The height of the coffee spout can be adjusted between 2.6 - 4.4 inches to allow any size of cup to be used- One rotary switch operation and 15 bars of pressure - Stainless steel and black ABS plastic - Fine foam technology produces silky smooth milk foam - Height adjustable spout accommodates small cups as well as large cups 64 ounce water tank capacity

Customer Rating3.8 out of 5.0 stars3.8 out of 5.0 stars
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Both the C65 and C60 are machines that equipped with Jura’s Fine Foam Frother, the function is by pressing the button you can amazingly make cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, and etc in short time. The difference, The C60 comes with black color and matte while the C65 is comes in both platinum and black. The other one is C65 will work perfectly for you because it will prepare your coffee in just 30 seconds and with less noise.

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