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Gaggia Classic Vs Saeco Via Venezia

Gaggia Classic and Saeco Via Venezia are two semi-automatic coffee machines that often become the choices of people looking for an affordable coffee machine. Gaggia Classic is a well-known model that is used by both beginners and professionals for making quality espresso shots. It has a huge water tank and an integrated frother. On the other hand, is an elegant coffee maker machine featuring a pod adapter and a steam wand with a similar Pannarello attachment. So, which is the coffee maker that you should choose? Find the answer after reading the article below.

Gaggia Classic Vs Saeco Via Venezia

Both are generally compact and lightweight, but Saeco Via Venezia is quite smaller and lighter than Gaggia Classic. As the effect, Saeco Via Venezia can be the more suitable choice if you only have a very limited space on your countertop. The design of Saeco Via Venezia also deserves two thumbs up. The black housing looks very elegant, and it is very easy to operate. On the other hand, Gaggia Classic is quite taller, but the metallic housing is very easy to clean. Both models come with cup warmers and Pannarello steam wands that are very handy and practical, and both accept coffee pods as well as ground coffee.

Water Tank
Both models have transparent, removable water tanks. So, monitoring and refilling can be done easily on either machine. However, Gaggia Classic has a slightly larger water tank with 72-oz capacity, as opposed to Saeco Via Venezia’s 68-oz. A bigger water tank is always a plus since it allows you to make more cups of coffee before having to refill.

Even though Saeco Via Venezia is a very good coffee maker, you should remember that it has a pressurized basket. The best espresso shots come from an unpressurized group handle. Hence, you may need to disassemble the machine, throw the mechanism away, and install a metal tamper for the best espresso. On the other hand, Gaggia Classic already comes with an unpressurized group handle and a 58 mm portafilter. But you may want to replace the plastic tamper with a real metallic tamper. (Have a look : Gaggia Classic Vs Baby Twin)

3-Way Solenoid Valve and Dry Puck
Perhaps this is the most distinctive feature of Gaggia Classic. This model comes with a 3-way solenoid valve and the dry puck feature. These features basically allow you to make cups after cups of coffee back-to-back. The 3-way solenoid valve relieves the portafilter of moisture and pressure every after an extraction, and the puck is purged from all moisture at the end of each extraction process. Saeco Via Venezia does not have these features.

Gaggia Classic Vs Saeco Via Venezia

Gaggia ClassicSaeco Via Venezia
Features- FROTHING FOR MILK BEVERAGES: Pannarello wand frothing for cappuccinos & lattes. Wand doubles as a hot water dispenser for americanos & tea - EASY TO USE: Perfect for both espresso beginners and coffee experts- Easy reading control lights show when the machine id "ready to brew" and "ready to steam" - The patented filter holder ensures a great extraction of espresso by pressurizing the brewing chamber, thereby creating the perfect espresso-brewing element

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In the end, we recommend you to choose Gaggia Classic. It has a larger water tank, unpressurized group handle, as well as ability to deliver back-to-back shots continuously.

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