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Gaggia Classic Vs Saeco Aroma

If you are right now looking for a compact, traditional-style espresso maker, both Gaggia Classic and Saeco Aroma make attractive choices. Both are manual espresso machines, but they are very beginner-friendly and easy to use. If you want to feel the thrill and joy of actually making your own cup of coffee, these are nice options to start with. So, should you get Gaggia Classic or Saeco Aroma? Determine the answer after you get to know the differences and comparisons between these two espresso maker models. Continue reading below!

Gaggia Classic Vs Saeco Aroma

Both Gaggia Classic and Saeco Aroma have metallic enclosures, ensuring maximum ruggedness and durability. The metallic housing also enables you to clean the espresso maker effortlessly. However, if we are to compare the size, Saeco Aroma is indeed smaller and more compact than Gaggia Classic. In addition, you can put cups safely on top of Saeco Aroma, making it such a space-friendly solution if you have limited space available on your counter-top. However, the grouphead on the portafilter is not entirely metal. On the other hand, Gaggia Classic’s portafilter grouphead is completely made of metal, allowing for better temperature stability and hence better espresso extraction. Each of the two models comes with an integrated Pannarello milk frother, which is indeed very handy for making cappuccinos and lattes.

Water Reservoir
Both models come with removable water tanks for easy refilling. However, despite the smaller size, Saeco Aroma actually has a bigger water reservoir capacity. The water reservoir is able to hold up to 85 oz water, whereas Gaggia Classic can only contain up to 72 oz. A bigger water reservoir will allow you to make more cups of coffee before having to refill.

Both models are armed with pressure pumps for extracting the espresso out from the ground coffee. However, Gaggia Classic’s pressure pump is slightly more powerful, as it can deliver 17.5-bar pressure, as opposed to Saeco Aroma’s 15-bar pump pressure. A stronger pump pressure usually results in better espresso extraction and thicker, richer output. Well, the difference between Gaggia Classic and Saeco Aroma is not that large. But keep in mind that Gaggia Classic’s portafilter grouphead is metal. Combined with that, Gaggia Classic can easily deliver more stable and consistent espresso quality than Saeco Aroma.

Gaggia Classic Vs Saeco Aroma

Gaggia ClassicSaeco Aroma
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In the end, Gaggia Classic is much more recommended because of the hotter and better espresso. The higher pump pressure and metallic grouphead may not be significant differences, but together they make a real factor to consider.

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