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Fresh Roast SR300 Vs SR500

Coffee roasting is probably an important process in the world of coffee which is still little known by most coffee drinkers. A lot of interesting things from this roasted process coffee beans, such as ‘ roasting ‘ level which will culminate in the taste of coffee. Do the roasting it certainly requires a tool named roaster. If you’re looking for it, we recommend a Fresh Roast roaster of the model with two Fresh Roast SR300 and SR500. Fundamental equations and difference there will be in each paragraph and will ultimately bring a conclusion at the end of the paragraph. Please enjoy the review of Fresh Roast SR300 vs SR500!

Fresh Roast SR300 vs SR500

Fresh Roast SR300
The SR 300 roaster was built by company named Home Roasting Supplies and designed for those who want a consistently good cup of coffee without a lot a fuss, complicated bells and whistles on their coffee. The operation machine is as simple as adding the beans, just by setting the time and turning it on. The SR 300 is one of a new machine based on the Fresh Roast Plus and it is been around for a long time and helped introduce a whole bunch of people to the wonderful aromas and tastes of fresh home roasted coffee. Things that you will like about it: It has great batch size for a personal roaster because it roasts only about 5 ounces of green coffee per batch. So with its excellent been visibility, simple controls, and small footprint & lightweight. The SR 300 is also kind of a “fluid bed” roaster. In certain case the fluid is air while the machine depends on hot air flow to not only heat the beans, but also to agitate them. As we know that coffee is like popcorn in that you need to keep it moving as it cooks.

Fresh Roast SR500
Fresh Roast SR500 was having the other competitor entitled Fresh Roast SR500 vs SR700. The Fresh Roast SR500 is a fluid bed air roaster with a heat and fan speed adjustments, a glass roasting chamber for visibility, and a nifty chaff collector to clean up easily. The SR500 roaster machine uses a simple switch for setting low, medium or high heat, as well as a dial for adjusting fan speed and a digital timer. While the chaff collector works well, and it still does not have a smoke reducer, the top of the machine can slow the flow of smoke so roasting under your oven’s hood fan will also eliminate most of the smoke quickly. In terms of price and control over the roast, the SR500 is provided a more intuitive interface and a quieter fan among others. The SR500 does a great job of agitating the beans for most of the consumers.

Fresh Roast SR300 Vs SR500

Fresh Roast SR300Fresh Roast SR500
BrandFresh RoastFresh Roast
Features- Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster - Add or subtract time during the roasting cycle - 4 1/4 Ounce Capacity (120 gm) - Digital Display - Viewable Roasting Process- Quietest air roaster; Great visibility; Very simple to use; Chaff collection; Durable; Small footprint; cooling cycle - Manual stirring or a high fan setting are required for even roasts; Some coasting as beans cool in the roast chamber

Customer Rating3.9 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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The SR 300 and SR 500 both are the newest models from Fresh Beans Inc. They are an improvement over the current series. There are a few things become difference about these roasters, but in the end they are still a good and an economical choice for you, so if you are willing to pay attention to a few details, you can read on each paragraph carefully. In the end also, you will like the upward facing controls on the SR500, but not with the heat switch.

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