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Folgers Vs Starbucks

Most coffee lovers do have one or two jars of instant coffee for emergency. In a typical morning when you have to hurry to arrive at your office without being late, a cup of instant coffee makes a quick and practical caffeine solution. Still, for someone who prioritizes quantity over quality, you still want to get some good or at least acceptable taste. So, below, we present you the comparisons of two popular instant coffee brands: Folgers vs Starbucks. While Folgers has been a classic legend among instant coffees, Starbucks is now a big name in the coffee industry. Which one is the best instant coffee?

Although many coffee lovers despise the idea of pour-over coffee, making one with the Folgers instant coffee actually produces a drinkable result. As a matter of fact, compared to other instant coffees, there are many coffee lovers who agree that Folgers is better if not the best. It has a good coffee aroma and flavor. See also: Folgers vs Taster’s Choice.

The Folgers instant coffee is dark enough to mask distracting flavors so that you can enjoy true coffee. Yet, it is still thin enough not to cover the inside of your throat with grounds. As said before, Folgers is an instant coffee that is drinkable and in fact quite enjoyable. Anyhow, the flavor greatly depends on the brewing and drinking temperatures. Make sure that the water is hot enough to extract the coffee grounds. Otherwise, if the water is too tepid, you will be punished by an awful flavor.

Once the coffee has become cold, some time in the microwave can almost bring back the real flavor. However, considering the large size of the tub and the very affordable price, you may want to just make another cup of pour-over. It is quick and easy to do. One 10.3-oz tub only costs $3.99, so the Folgers instant coffee is a very good value for the money.

The Starbucks name has become extremely famous. The company has opened numerous coffee shops in many countries in the world. Starbucks has become a modern lifestyle icon. Well, although they do produce good coffee beverages for all ages and groups, you may want to just avoid their instant coffees. Most true coffee lovers agree that the Starbucks instant coffee is nothing but a premium brand.

The taste is not equivalent to the price. The black coffee tastes like drip coffee that is made using days-old coffee instead of water. And somehow, it tends to produce a textbook headache, right behind the eyes. If you really have no other choice, the caffeine shot may help you to last through the day – but, seriously, it is the last resort.

The price is also a factor to consider when choosing between Folgers vs Starbucks. One 12-oz bag of Starbucks instant coffee costs $10.19. That’s more than twice the price of Folgers.

Folgers Vs Starbucks

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In the end, Folgers is the better choice. This coffee does have good aroma and flavor, and the price is very affordable. Starbucks is just a premium brand with a premium price, and the flavor is just good enough to give you a headache.

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