Bonavita · Coffee Maker

Behmor Brazen Plus Vs Bonavita 1900

For two hundred dollars, you can already buy yourself a gallant coffee maker. Perhaps, the most popular coffee makers on the price class right now are Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita BV1900TS. The lastly mentioned product has been certified and approved by the SCAA – Specialty Coffee Association of America – to be the number… Continue reading Behmor Brazen Plus Vs Bonavita 1900

Bonavita · Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1800 Vs BV1900

As an introduction, Bonavita’s coffee brewers are often referred by coffee experts, even the Specialty Coffee Association of America, because these products simply do everything right. Right water heating temperature, right and even water sprays on the coffee grinds, also right duration of contact between the water and the coffee. Most often than not, many… Continue reading Bonavita BV1800 Vs BV1900

Bonavita · Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1800SS Vs BV1800TH

When looking for home coffee brewer, the choice can be confusing and over whelming. Several important things should be considered. The best brewers are simple to operate and give consistent results. The Bonavita BV 1800SS and the BV 1800TH are both well worth considering. Both models reach temperature quickly, giving perfectly brewed coffee in 5… Continue reading Bonavita BV1800SS Vs BV1800TH

Bonavita · Coffee Maker · Technivorm Moccamaster

Bonavita BV1800 Vs Technivorm Moccamaster

The weather changes from season to season thus influencing the kinds of drinks to take. During cold weather many people opt to make coffee so as to beat the morning cold by making the body warm. With the help of hi-tech machines such as Bonavita BV1800 and Technivorm Moccamaster, making of coffee is ideal and… Continue reading Bonavita BV1800 Vs Technivorm Moccamaster