Cappuccino Vs Mocha

Knowing the different kinds of coffee available to order is important for any coffee drinker. First, it ensures you that you will not make a wrong order at the coffee shop. Second, it is a handy topic to start a conversation with a fellow coffee lover. Now, you are probably wondering about Cappuccino and Mocha. Both may look similar to a degree, indeed. However, keep in mind that Cappuccino and Mocha have fundamental differences that make them different from each other. And, depending on your personal preference, you may prefer one instead of the other. So, what are the differences between Cappuccino and Mocha?


Needless to say, Cappuccino and Mocha make use of different ingredients. So, what are the ingredients that they use? Cappuccino is made from espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk, all in an equal ratio. Cappuccino is based on a one-third part of espresso mixed together with a one-third part of steamed milk. It is then topped with an airy and thick layer of foamed milk. On the other hand, Mocha distinctively features chocolate as one of the ingredients. Mocha is made from roughly two-fifth espresso that is mixed with two-fifth chocolate and one-fifth steamed milk. (See also: Cappuccino Vs Macchiato)

Taste and Flavor
In Cappuccino, the espresso has been toned down by an equal amount of milk, hence the coffee flavor is neither too strong nor too mild. Still, the coffee flavor is still featured, combined with the sweetness of milk. The texture becomes somehow creamy due to the thick layer of foamed milk on the top. The color is more light brown. On the other hand, Mocha typically features a chocolate flavor in the strong coffee taste. The color is darker, and the texture is not as creamy. However, modern variations tend to add a topping, too, which can be milk froth or whipped cream.

“Cappuccino” is named after the Capuchin friars, an Order of friars in the Catholic Church and an offshoot of the Franciscans, due to the color of the drink that is similar to the color of their robe. Thus, Cappuccino originates in Italy. On the other hand, Mocha is an American invention, a variation of Caffe Latte. Mocha is sometimes called “Caffe Mocha” or “Cafe Mocha”, but is more commonly called “Mocha Latte” in Italy and France.

Cappuccino Vs Mocha

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So, Cappuccino is made from espresso and steamed milk and is typically topped with a thick foamed milk layer. Meanwhile, Mocha distinctively features chocolate, which is mixed with less steamed milk and a larger part of espresso.

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