Café Bustelo Vs Pilon

Are you a lover of café cubano? It is also known as Cuban espresso, Cuban coffee, and cafecito. Although it originated in Cuba, it remains as a very popular drink in Florida, especially in the regions of Miami, Florida Keys, and Tampa. It is available in almost every coffee shop in those places. Nevertheless, the two most popular brands used in coffee shops are Café Bustelo and Pilon. Now, if you want to enjoy some café cubano at home, should you get Café Bustelo or Pilon? Which one is better between Café Bustelo vs Pilon?

Café Bustelo Vs Pilon

Packaging Sizes
Café Bustelo and Pilon provides several packaging options. Let’s start by taking a look at Café Bustelo’s packaging options. Café Bustelo is available in a 10-oz vacuumed brick, 10-oz can, and 36-oz party size can. For personal use, the 10-oz options are perhaps more suitable. However, if you are not the only person in the house who drinks coffee, you can choose the 36-oz option instead.

Café Bustelo is available in a regular version and a decaffeinated version. You can tell the difference by the color of the packaging; the regular one is yellow whereas the decaf version is dark green. Additionally, Café Bustelo also comes in K-Cups for Keurig coffee brewers – that is very convenient.

Pilon is also available in bricks and cans. More specifically, it is available in a 10-oz brick, 10-oz can, and 1 lbs (16 oz) bag. And just like Café Bustelo, Pilon is available in a regular version (dark orange packaging) and a decaffeinated version (green packaging).

However, Pilon does not come in K-Cups. Instead, Pilon sells roasted coffee beans in 16-oz and 32-oz bags, which can be your choice if you want to grind manually for fresh espresso.

When choosing between Café BustelovsPilon, people are indeed more concerned about the flavor. However, as a matter of fact, Café Bustelo and Pilon have actually merged some time ago. Today, the two brands are produced by the same company, Java Cabana.

So, what’s the matter with that? Well, the two brands taste very, very similar to each other. Many people have failed to tell the difference between Café Bustelo and Pilon. So, it is just natural for us to assume that they are actually the same coffee in different containers, isn’t it?

The taste of Café Bustelo and Pilon is best described as strong yet smooth. They are very strong. However, they seem to leave a slight aftertaste in the mouth after drinking. Some people also think that they are slightly acidic. If you are looking for something slightly lighter, take a look at Cafe Bustelovs Cafe La Llave.

Café Bustelo Vs Pilon

Café BusteloCafé Pilon
BrandCafe BusteloPilon
Features- Always fresh, pure and flavorful - Vacuum packed - Dark roast coffee- Freshly Roasted - Rich Dark Roast - Cuban Style - Not Ground - Miami's Best

Customer Rating4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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Since Café Bustelo and Pilon have similar flavor, you can choose whichever product that is available in your place. You can also choose according to your need. If you use a Keurig machine, you probably prefer Café Bustelo’s K-Cups. Or, if you prefer to grind manually your coffee, you can choose Pilon’s roasted coffee beans.

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