Cafe Bustelo Vs Cafe La Llave

Drinking café Cubano a.k.a. Cuban espresso remains as a prominent social and cultural activity not only in Cuba but also in Florida, especially in the regions of Miami, Tampa, and the Florida Keys. Café Cubano or Cuban espresso is a type of espresso which originated in Cuba. It is essentially an espresso shot that is sweetened with demerara sugar in the brewing process. Now, if you want to enjoy some Cuban espresso at home, you are most probably confused in choosing between Cafe Bustelo vs Cafe La Llave. These are two of the most popular and the most recommended Cuban espresso products. So, which one is better?

Cafe Bustelo Vs Cafe La Llave

Variants and Packaging Sizes
Both Cafe Bustelo and Cafe La Llave are available as regular and decaffeinated ground coffee. The regular version is, of course, the regular coffee with the fullest strength of the brew. However, the caffeine content is quite high. Some people may want to stay away from too much caffeine for health reasons. If your body does not tolerate caffeine well, you should consider getting the decaf version instead. The decaf version has the caffeine content of the ground coffee significantly reduced, hence allowing people who need to reduce their caffeine intake to still enjoy some espresso shots.

You can find Cafe Bustelo in brick packs and cans. A vacuumed brick pack usually comes with the 10-oz size. Meanwhile, the cans are available in two sizes, which are the 10-oz medium size and the 36-oz party size. The regular version’s packaging is usually colored in yellow and orange, whereas the decaf version is usually in orange and green.

On the other hand, Cafe La Llave is also available in packs and cans. However, both the packs and cans come in the 10-oz size. Quite the contrary of Cafe Bustelo, Cafe La Llave’s regular version has green packaging whereas the decaf version has orange packaging.

Most people who love Cuban espresso would tell you that the best way to make Cuban espresso is by using a Moka pot, which is also known as a stovetop espresso maker. The Moka pot is great because it is able to create more pressure to extract richer, bolder espresso from the ground coffee. The same goes for Cafe Bustelo and Cafe La Llave; both make great coffee especially when brewed using a Moka pot.

However, they do have different flavor characteristics. Many fans of Cafe Bustelo like it because it is extremely strong. It has a very strong coffee flavor, which is, of course, a blend of bitterness and some acidic taste. However, it is very strong that not all people like it. It may give some aftertaste after your drink it.

On the other hand, Cafe La Llave is smoother. It is much smoother and sweeter. In fact, it seems as if it does not have that bitterness and aftertaste often associated with Cuban espresso.

Cafe Bustelo Vs Cafe La Llave

Cafe BusteloCafe La Llave
BrandCafe BusteloCafe La Llave
Features- Dark, pure, and flavorful, our bold blend is roasted and ground from the finest coffees in the world - No fancy equipment needed - just brew it and enjoy it your way- 100% pure espresso dark roasted coffee - Fine ground and packed into a brick for your convenience - Can be used in an espresso machine or in a regular coffee maker

Customer Rating4.7 out of 5.0 stars4.5 out of 5.0 stars
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So, Cafe Bustelo vs Cafe La Llave? It depends on your personal taste. If you like strong, bitter coffee, Cafe Bustelo will suit you better. If you don’t like coffee that is too bitter or leaving some aftertaste, you will like Cafe La Llave better.

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