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Cafe Bustelo Review: The Number One Cuban Espresso Ground Coffee

Coffee has become one of the most needed drinks of humanity. Most people nowadays can hardly able to function throughout the day without getting some caffeine. Well, to be fair, the busy modern life indeed requires you to stay focus and awake – you can’t risk getting drowsy in the middle of a critical work. Besides, coffee has also been scientifically proven to deliver various health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health and protection against type 2 diabetes.

Cafe Bustelo Review The Number One Cuban Espresso Ground Coffee

So, what if you are looking for some ground coffee that provides that strong and bold flavor without emptying the bank? While quality coffee is often associated with ridiculously high price tags, this proves to be not the case. If you are someone who loves coffee that is very dark, strong, and bold, you can try Cafe Bustelo. Cafe Bustelo is a product of ground coffee that is quite well-known for its bold flavor and budget-friendly price tag. Due to the strength, it can be quite versatile; it can be served as an espresso, if you really like bold coffee, but most consumers use it for cafe con leche or mix it with some milk and sugar in order to ease the strength a little bit.

This Cuban-style coffee is available in several packaging options. In general, there are two packaging options, can and brick. The can packaging is available in 10-oz and 36-oz, whereas the brick packaging is available in 4-ct. Family Pack, 6-oz, 10-oz, and 16-oz. So, if you just want to try the coffee first, you can just purchase the smaller options; for stock, you can opt for the 36-oz cans. Just remember to keep the coffee away from moisture. The best way to store ground coffee is in an opaque, airtight container, protected from moisture, light, and heat. Otherwise, you risk degrading the quality of the coffee.


- The number 1 selling Cuban coffee - Strong and powerful, makes perfect colada - Comes in a brick pack or can -Enjoyable black coffee shots

Cafe Bustelo is originally roasted and sold by Cuban immigrants, meant to be consumed as cafecito or cafe con leche. The coffee is sweetened as it brews using dark sugar, creating the distinctive flavor. Today, Cafe Bustelo has earned a good place outside the Hispanic market, especially among coffee drinkers who prefer super-dark brews.

The texture of the ground coffee is excellent. It is finely and evenly ground. Thanks to that, Cafe Bustelo can be processed either manually or using an automatic coffee brewer. The taste is generally consistent, though, of course, the taste of coffee greatly depends on the way you process the shot. Cafe Bustelo is said to be very acrid. It is very concentrated that it can certainly keep your eyes open, both by the caffeine and the taste. However, you can temper the strength by adding milk. It combines well with milk. Nevertheless, people with gastric ulcer or who have low caffeine tolerance should stay away from this coffee.

Specifications of Cafe Bustelo
Vacuum packed, 100% pure coffee
Available in:
10 oz.
36 oz.
6 oz.
10 oz.
16 oz.
4-ct. Family Pack

Pros of Cafe Bustelo
– Very strong and dark
– Quite versatile to process and serve, either as an espresso or added with milk
– Affordable, budget-friendly price tag

Price of Cafe Bustelo
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