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Breville BCG820BSSXL Vs Baratza Virtuoso

When we compare the Breville BCG820BSSXL vs Baratza Virtuoso, there are a lot of similarities and differences at a time. These can be your reference to make a right option between them. For the price, they are also almost similar which can make you are getting more difficulties in deciding your coffee maker. As such, we’ve put the two devices head to head in a Breville BCG820BSSXL vs. Baratza Virtuoso comparison.

breville bcg820bssxl vs baratza virtuoso

Breville BCG820BSSXL
Breville’s BCG820BSSXL is a machine and coffee maker which can seek to outsmart all other home-use grinders. It claims to offer more grind settings than others, it will give you unmatched control. When we open the box of BCG820BSSXL Pro claims to have 60 grind settings, which alone is a lot. It has many settings too that can allow the Pro to tackle everything from espresso to French press and will give you plenty of room for fine tuning. This grinder comes equipped with a “Grind Time” dial to have more quickly set the dose amount for each batch. You can adjust the grind time down to two-tenths of a second, and the LED screen will show the countdown. Lastly, the Breville BCG820BSSXL Pro comes with a pair of additional pieces to make a hands free system. Two different portafilter holders can be attached underneath the grounds outlet, for 50–54 mm portafilters and for traditional 58mm portafilters too.

Baratza Virtuoso
Baratza Virtuoso features an excellent set of features which can easily be a draw for those looking to buy and get a high-end burr grinder. It also has a grind switch for strength and speed as well as a pulse button for fine tuning the grind. The Baratza Virtuoso can possess a 60-second timer which is very useful for repeating grind settings. While, the torque DC motor in the Baratza Virtuoso provides for a quiet and yet powerful grind. The hopper uses 40mm conical burrs and the small size found on the Baratza Virtuoso too. Therefore, it makes it a bit more appealing for those seeking to minimize the countertop space of their grinder. This machine also has 40 individual grinds with very coarse to very fine grinds. The grind settings on the Baratza Virtuoso can be set by turning the hopper. The hopper has a dial that indicates the coarseness of the grind. Read also : Baratza Virtuoso Vs Sette.

Breville BCG820BSSXL Vs Baratza Virtuoso

Breville BCG820BSSXLBaratza Virtuoso
Features- Stainless Steel conical burrs designed to minimize grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean - 60 precise grind settings from the finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind - Precision Electronic Timer allows users to adjust grind time in 0.2 second increments and consistent dose every time- Let the Virtuoso’s professional-grade 40mm conical burrs perform their magic for a consistent, fine grind - The secret to the Virtuoso’s consistent, smooth grind is: an efficient DC motor keeps your beans cool, even during extended grind times, while a combination of electric and gear speed reducers slow the burr to 450 RPM, ensuring a smooth bean feed and reducing noise, heat and static buildup

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Although the Baratza Virtuoso is having higher priced than the Breville BCG820BSSXL, it is even worth the extra money. Maybe it is not be as “smart” as the Breville, but it makes for it with more grind settings and also a better build quality. Morever, the design is a bit more dull than the fancy looking BCG820BSSXL. In the conclusion, you can not go wrong with either of them, as these are both excellent grinders.

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