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Behmor 1600 Plus Vs Gene Cafe CBR-101

Coffee roasting, coffee is actually roasting processes play an important role in the whole travel chain of coffee. Because, this process generally specify will be as enjoyable as anything the coffee we enjoy later. Actually, coffee roasting can be done manually with a simple tool, but it will definitely take time and much effort. Technology is not going to let this happen, so a single tool called the coffee roaster to facilitate us in this process. If you are looking for this tool and hope to find the best, we have 2 choices you guys can set yourself as needed. Don’t worry puzzled, because we will make it clear and taking 1 for you to choose the best conclusion at a later date.

Behmor 1600 Plus vs Gene Cafe CBR-101

Behmor 1600 Plus
The Behmor 1600 Plus Home Coffee Roaster offers user-friendly pre-programmed settings for a simple start into the wonderful world of coffee bean roasting. Select the amount of green coffee beans you would like to roast, the appropriate roast program/time and type of bean profile. The pre-programmed profiles indicate how much heat will be applied to your beans for example, P1 is the hottest profile, P5 for the least amount of heat and the slowest roast time. While the convenient roast programs can allow the user to easily change the length of the selected profile. There is an Adjustable Time Increments that allows you to adjust the pre-programmed amount of time to suit your taste and desired roast. It can do increasing the roast time by increments of 15 seconds and decreasing the time by increments of 10 seconds. You can start with the cool down cycle everytime during the roast and interior light can let you see the roasting magic happen. Off button is a self explanatory but you should not press it during a roast cycle because, it may cause excess smoke then lead to fire. It is also provided with roasting drum which is removable to make adding and removing beans a breeze, also a chaff tray to catch all of the chaff which fall from the roasting drum.

Gene Cafe CBR-101
Gene Cafe CBR-101 is the manufacturer of office furniture systems in South Korea. This coffee roaster uses forced hot air which passes through the drum from right to left as you can seee by facing the front of the machine. It has a unique property to bean agitation that is not supplied by the air but rather by the rotation of the drum, while the drum is mounted off-axis so the drum appears to ‘tumble’ as it rotates. And the geometry of the drum’s mount, the careful design of the separating panel inside the drum which creates two, and the interconnected halves of the chamber combine to create a stirring of the roasting beans, very effective right? For cleaning the chaff collector, it can remove the end cap and dump the chaff after the roaster has cooled. The outer surface of the collector becomes quite hot, so you must take care before removing the collector. The stainless screen outside is matched by one inside. The controls of the Gene Cafe are quite simple. The two knobs shown here control all functions of the machine.

Behmor 1600 Plus Vs Gene Cafe CBR-101

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The total grilling time on the gene is about 16-20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. If you bake for second cracked second Crack using the full amount of beans (3 spoon given-about 300g) then start the cool cycle. Cool-down is the big weak point of the genes (next paragraph). Cooling is a weak point because it takes about 10 minutes to cool 300g (green weight) -140 degrees F, of which the gene closes. Easy to use to get, but some put-off by it is according to their post on the subject. The drum is cold enough in about 20 seconds so 2nd it cracks stopped, then the cold rest takes 8-10 minutes. You can see those statements and choose your own needs.

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