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Baratza Virtuoso Vs Preciso

Even if you have not been in the world of coffee making for too long, the chance is very high that you have heard about the Baratza brand. They specialize in producing premium quality coffee grinders. Even, their first machine, Baratza Virtuoso, which first production dates back from the year 2000, is still being fancied by coffee lovers all around the world and standing confidently in the market. However, people looking to buy a decent coffee grinder are often stranded upon uncertainty after they come across Baratza Preciso, a machine that looks almost an exact copy of the Virtuoso. If you would like to know the difference between the two, read on! Have a look : Baratza Encore Vs Virtuoso.

Baratza Virtuoso Vs Preciso

Baratza Virtuoso and Baratza Preciso are similar in nearly everything. Even they share too much of resemblances in physical appearance. They have a sculptured metal top and base, creating an elegant and classy look. They both have bean hopper capacity of 8 oz. and ground coffee bin capacity of 5 oz.. You can manually adjust the motor speed on Preciso as well as on Virtuoso. Even, Preciso also comes with a timer switch that became one of the primary advantages of Virtuoso over Encore in our previous article. Therefore, you are unlikely to miss a big important plus with either of these machines.

Preciso is more of the expert version of Virtuoso. As implied by its name, the machine offers extensive precision for coffee brewer experts. While both Virtuoso and Preciso provide 40 grind settings, the Preciso has this micro settings thingy; each of the available 40 options are divided further into 11 additional settings, giving you with a total of 440 possible combinations. Total control! Eh, also, the Preciso has a portaholder to assist you grinding into a portafilter hands-free.

Baratza Virtuoso Vs Preciso

Baratza VirtuosoBaratza Preciso
Features- The Virtuoso lives up to its name by providing technical skill, classic style and a consistent, quality grind. - Let the Virtuoso's professional-grade 40mm conical burrs perform their magic for a consistent, fine grind. - The Virtuoso is so consistent at both the coarse and fine ends of the grind range that we consider it to be in a class all by itself - and so do many of the micro- and specialty-roasters who swear by it. - The secret to the Virtuoso's consistent, smooth grind is two-fold - The Virtuoso's exterior is just as finely tuned as its interior- The Preciso is a beautifully designed conical burr coffee grinder that works as hard as you do to create the perfect espresso experience. - The Preciso is true to its name - a precision grinder with a micro-adjust system that can be dialed in like a commercial grinder. - Baratza's popular 40-grind adjustment options, the Preciso adds a second micro-adjustment level that further divides each of the 40 steps into 11 distinct settings. - The Preciso features the quality internal parts and external elements you've come to expect from Baratza.

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With only a few additional dollars, you get two more benefits that may or may not cause significant effects. Only if you have some knowledge about coffee making or want to study further, you will find the Baratza Preciso to be very, very much more valueable. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to bother yourself with those intensive science, then save some money with Baratza Virtuoso.

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